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What is Knowledge?

It’s 9 pm on a Monday evening and I’m sitting in front of my laptop typing this message.

Anyone that has access to my cell number knows that I have a technology curfew at 8:30 on school nights. It’s a habit that I’ve had for over a decade. There’s an alarm on my fone that is my indicator to get away screens, make tea, and wind down for bed. So why the hell am I sitting here typing?

There are moments in our lives that pass by if we don’t capture them. This is one of those moments that I am going to do my damnedest to capture.

First, I’m going to share a little backstory that you will no doubt be familiar with.

For so many of us there are things that bring us to life in ways that the ordinary day can’t touch. For some, it’s a special moment with loved ones. For others, it’s seeing a mountain landscape while standing on a vista. Moments of awe…

There’s an unrealised dream in all of us.

Years ago I remember a friend saying, “How loud does God need to talk before you listen?” That is to say, how perfect do circumstances need to be before you make a change?

For years I literally needed to be in unbelievable pain before I made a change. My career as a boozer is proof of that

Shadows are not bad. They are our unexpressed essence. Our unexpressed light. Sure, we have all had dark moments in our lives and many of us continue to carry those stories. It’s in the realization that those stories no longer serve us that allows us to express our true nature, our true light.

I have a deep understanding of language. Because some people I know have a certification program around language, I feel like I can’t talk about it anymore because I didn’t go through their program. Truthfully, I am likely more equipped to serve others because I have real world experience applying the principles I know and I have been working with others for years, long before the certification became a thing.

When we learn something it becomes knowledge when we actually apply it. If you read a personal development book or blog and don’t apply it to your life, what good is it? Again, the application of information is when it becomes real knowledge. To master something, teach it. I’m going to give Einstein credit for the idea that if we can’t explain something in a way that a 6-year old will understand it, we don't truly know the subject. (It might not have been Einstein who said that… I just love the guy and want to give him credit.)

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” -Albert Einstein

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