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I'm Wade, the Creator of Your Simple Wellness

I’ve done it and you can too


For a large part of my adult life I was stressed, depressed, and had a poor outlook on life. My old stories were saturated in shame, pain, and guilt. 

I felt like my past circumstances were responsible for the life I was living. I felt stuck

I had poor habits, slept like garbage, and rarely took the time to do the things in life I actually love 

Through a series of painful experiences, I was finally courageous enough to ask someone to help me change my life   

I committed 100% and things immediately changed 


Today, I’m proud to live a life guided by my personal values. I show up fully and committed to doing the work

I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of who I am and live each day with a sense of joy, awe, and wonder

I am proud of who I have become 

I am a stress reducing, outlook shifting, habit building coach

I help people build a life rooted in choice, fulfillment, and freedom

I have worked with a range of clients including intermediate athletes, EMS personnel, and managers in fortune 500 companies

When working with me we will work together to build clear strategies for attaining your biggest goals and wildest intentions

You will be clearly supported and challenged at the same time through a sustainable approach for achieving personal success

I am passionate about helping high performers connect with their goals without sacrificing their health and wellness. You deserve to live fully 


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